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Social Vision’s goal is to improve the health and well-being of the community of ​Cuenca by providing necessary medical treatment to disadvantaged people who ​need it most.

Assessment of Needs

Social Vision has conducted a thorough assessment of needs to better understand the ​specific medical demands of the population in Cuenca.

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Anita had dual eye surgery at Exilaser

Identifying Priority Areas

Social Vision has determined which medical services are most urgently needed in Cuenca. ​These services include orthopedic and traumatology, vision, neurology for children and ​adults, pediatrics, geriatrics, cardiac care, dental services, dermatology, pharmacy, and ​physical therapy.

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Dr. Ivan Vallejo treating a knee ​patient.

Carlos and Zoila getting their ​medications filled at a local ​pharmacy

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Resource Allocation

Social Vision allocates its resources effectively to address identified needs. This involves ​securing funding, medical supplies, equipment, and voluntary staffing.

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Samantha has an untreatable condition that causes full-body ​boils, loss of teeth, and hair loss. See was seen by Dra. Yadia ​Tapia of Aqua Comprehensive Center for Health and ​Aesthetics.

Social Vision is working to coordinate her rare condition with ​United States Medical Practitioners.

Fostering Relationships With Healthcare Facilities

Social Vision has partnered with some of the best healthcare facilities throughout Cuenca. These ​facilities primarily include Monte Sinai, Exilaser, CIMA, Clinica Latino, Hospital Del Rio, and PhysioGym.

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Collaboration with Local Organizations

Social Vision works closely with community-based organizations to coordinate efforts, share ​resources, and maximize impact.

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Collaborations with Monte Sinai


San Sebas Cafe

Monitoring and Evaluation

Social Vision continuously monitors the needs of medical services within our community to ​assess effectiveness and identify areas for improvement. Feedback is collected from patients ​and stakeholders to ensure that services are meeting the needs of the community.

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Social vision has collaborated with a local school for a mental health art project with famed artist Martin Skillz

Provided life saving medical tests

Helped evaluate and treat chronic medical problems

Adaptation and Flexibility

Social Vision is continually adding medical and social service specialists to our care team to ​reassess priorities and adjust strategies accordingly

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Ian is in treatment at Exilaser to correct his eye defect

Rosa is having cataract surgery once we get her blood pressure under control at CIMA

Ana Cristina had life saving surgery at Clinica Latino with Dr. Andres Astudillo

Diverse Board Members

Social Vision has a distinct board of directors from both Ecuador and the United States to bring a range of ​perspectives, expertise, and experiences to better serve our community.

  • Cultural Perspective: Board members from Ecuador and the United States offer differing cultural perspectives, ​which can be invaluable when making decisions that affect a diverse community.

  • Global Experience: Members from the United States may bring insights and experiences from a larger, more mixed ​market, while members from Ecuador can provide a deep understanding of local customs, traditions, and ​challenges.

  • Network Expansion: Having board members from different countries can expand Social Vision’s network, opening ​opportunities for partnerships, collaborations, and funding sources both locally and internationally.

  • Innovation and Creativity: Varying perspectives can lead to more innovative and creative solutions to problems, as ​different viewpoints challenge assumptions and encourage out-of-the-box thinking.

  • Language Skills: Social Vision operates in both English and Spanish-speaking communities, having board members ​who are fluent in both languages can facilitate communication and outreach efforts.

  • Broader Skill Set: Each board member brings a unique skill set and expertise, whether it's in finance, law, ​marketing, or community development. By combining these skills from both Ecuador and the United States, Social ​Vision has created a well-rounded team capable of addressing various aspects of our mission.

Social Vision’s Board of Directors

Jim and Jennifer Cory

Board Members and Founders

Jim and Jennifer's story is one of resilience and adaptability. They ​met in high school in California and have been married for nearly 40 ​years. They raised three children and have five grandchildren. Jim ​was a Union Electrician in San Francisco. Jennifer got the luxury of ​being a stay at home mom. Jim's career was derailed by a diagnosis ​of Parkinson's Disease at age 45. Despite this challenge, they found a ​new path and decided to retire in Cuenca.

Living in Cuenca offers them the opportunity to immerse ​themselves in a different culture and help the community that has ​been so welcoming to them.

Their story highlights the significance of embracing change and ​making the most out of life's transitions, demonstrating that even in ​the face of adversity, there are opportunities for new beginnings and ​fulfillment.

Brian Hitsky

Treasurer and Board Member

Brian Hitsky, a seven-year Cuenca resident, serves as ​Treasurer for Social Vision. Brian worked as an executive for ​two mayors in Michigan, has an extensive background as a ​reporter and editor, and served as public relations director ​for an NBA basketball team. He has previously been ​employed with Wells Fargo bank. He also tutors English to ​youngsters and is on the advisory board for Hearts of Gold.

Roberto Mora

Board Member

Owner of the best restaurant in Cuenca -

El Mercado Restaurant

Roberto has been invaluable in getting our nonprofit status ​in Ecuador and advising us about Ecuadorian protocols.

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Social Vision’s Board of Directors

Ray and Linda Lewis

Honorary Board Members

Ray Lewis retired in 2008 after an extensive career in ​business and financial communications. After working ​in an Apple store for a few years to satisfy his inner ​geek, he and his wife Linda moved to Cuenca in 2013, ​and have recently applied for Ecuadorean citizenship.

Linda’s career has been varied. Assistant buyer for a ​fashion boutique; dealer for blackjack, craps, roulette, ​and chemin de fer; stock broker; vice president on Wall ​Street; and trainer for the TSA.

Wes Elliott

Board Member

Wes Elliott (aka Wes the Mentalist) landed in Ecuador on ​his birthday in 2021. His heart for helping people has ​extended to Wes the Mentalist charity gigs for various ​groups, the donations approaching $10000. Additionally, ​he assists at Cuenca Soup Kitchen events and serves as an ​Ambassador associated with Cuenca Expats magazine. In ​his off time he enjoys karaoke, biking through the city and ​surrounding mountains, Azuay Community Theater ​productions, open mic events and a permanent unplugged ​guitar offering on Sunday mornings at No’madas, at Calle ​Larga and Padre Aguirre.

Harshita Madhan

Board Member

Harshita Madhan is a high school student in California who ​is passionate about helping others. She is on her way to ​becoming a doctor herself! Harshita is hardworking and ​persistent and brings a youthful angle to the team.

Social Vision is heartbroken to announce the passing of Ray and Linda Lewis, our cherished friends, and long-standing Board Members. Ray and Linda's enduring dedication and insightful guidance have been the ​backbone of Social Vision since its inception. Their presence will be profoundly missed in our community.

April 2024

Rest in peace dear friends.

Our Mascot - Teddy

Teddy is a vital part of Social Vision's team. He provides comfort and support to patients who may be feeling anxious or uneasy ​about medical care. Calming their nerves is a helpful approach to creating a more comforting environment for our patients.

He brings joy and comfort wherever he goes, and his presence in El Centro is a source of happiness for many.

Service animals like Teddy play such an important role in improving the well-being of those they assist, and he’s making a ​positive impact in the lives of patients at Social Vision.

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Teddy playing at Parque de la Madre

Social Vision and Teddy as the cover story of Cuenca Expats Magazine

Helping helping our founder provide medication to an ALS patient

Social Vision’s Nonprofit Status

Social Vision is a registered nonprofit in both the United States and Ecuador.

United States Address

1352 Vista Grande

Millbrae, CA 94030

+1 (650) 644-0612

Tax ID: 88-3423654

Ecuador Address

Calle Larga 10-17 y Padre Aguirre

Cuenca, Ecuador

+593 093 998 7282

RUC: 0195117950001

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Dr. Ivan Vallejo

Social Vision Medical Director

President of the Azuay Orthopedic and ​Traumatology Society.

Dra. Nataly Torres - Exilaser

Pediatric Ophthalmologist

Studied at the University of Azuay, Cuenca

and Hospital Metropolitano, Quito

Social Vision Medical Team

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Dr. Giuseppe Miotto - Exilaser

Past President Pan American Association of Ocular Trauma (APTO)

Current President Ecuadorian Society of Ophthalmology.

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Dra. Margarita Aveiga- Neurologist

Clinical Neurologist with subspecialty in movement disorders. Graduated from the University of Sao Paulo-Brazil.

Dr. Diego Torres - Exilaser

Dr. Torres completed his medical studies in Cuenca - Ecuador

His extensive experience and his work in various

institutions in the city and the country

have made his name a milestone in local ophthalmology.

Dra. Yadira Tapia - Dermotologist

Aqua Comprehensive Center for Health and Aesthetics

social vision - Volunteer “Angels”

Decorative Shining Stars

Our social worker


Claudia Tonon Zamora


social vision - the beginning

  • Social Vision was founded by Jim and Jennifer Cory and Dr. Ivan Vallejo on July ​26, 2022.
  • We carefully selected a team of the most amazing doctors in Cuenca. Doctors who ​truly CARE.
  • We brought together some of the most dedicated and thoughtful minds in ​Ecuador and the United States to create our Board of Directors.
  • The Board of Directors are all volunteers. We also have some "Angels" that ​volunteer their time to help as well. All of your donations go directly to helping ​the people of Cuenca.
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Contact Social Vision

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Make a donation to Social Vision

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Social Vision

Account #19122033

RUC 0195117950001

Wells Fargo Bank

Social Vision

Account # 2107036374


Social Vision in the Media​

Dr. Hugo Calle Galán, Monte Sinai President, Dr. ​Ivan Vallejo, Medical Director

Ing. Jorge Méndez, Dra. Margarita Aveiga, ​Neurologist and Jim Cory, President and Founder

Dr. Ivan Vallejo, Jennifer Cory, Secretary ​and Founder, Jim Cory, President and ​Founder

Dr. Ivan Vallejo, Jennifer Cory, Secretary and ​Founder,

Jim Cory, President and Founder and Teddy, ​Social Vision's Mascot


dentists &



Dra. Yadira Tapia - Dermatology 096 132 7797

Dra. Marina Rodríguez - Gynecology/Obstetrics 098 499 5967


Total Eye Services - from glasses to cornea transplants


Physical Therapy

Isabel Puyol - Physiogym - 98 878 1364

Implaesthetic 099 861 6306

Experts in implants and veneers

Dental Tourism in Ecuador

Holly Brouker-

Dra. Maité Depreeuw

Medical Doctor

098 212 3992




Veterinaria Archinegas -098 939 0558

A full-service veterinarian office with specialty doctors, including a

pharmacy and grooming services

Dra. Cristina Bernal - Veterinarian Orthopedic Surgeon

She performed Teddy’s knee surgery!

Roberto Benavides

Eloy Alfaro Famacia - 099 563 2090

Roberto can get most US medicines

Real estate


Real estate



Passport & ​visa Service



New Century Planning Associates, Inc.





A very special thank you to

new century planning associates, inc

for their very generous donation to social vision!

we appreciate you!


Ed Lindquist - Managing Partner

For sales information please contact: (Para información de ventas por favor contactar:)

Yenis Bejas (Spanish Speaker)

096 279 4098

Cuenca Expats Magazine is the largest English-language publication in Ecuador. Half (10,000) of all native English-speaking expats live in Cuenca. As the “unofficial” voice of ​Cuenca’s expat community, the magazine is a trusted source for business and services. Cuenca Expats Magazine’s mission is to help build a stronger, more cohesive expat ​community and assist in their integration into Cuenca society as new and productive citizens.

Delivering critical medication ​and comfort to patients

Imagine a public hospital system on the brink of a crisis. A life-saving antibiotic, Meropenem, was desperately low on supplies. Patients were at risk, and hope was fading fast.

Social Vision, an organization dedicated to making a difference, sprang into action. We knew we had to get this vital medication to the hospitals that desperately needed it. And we were determined to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

With the help of our trusted partners at Monte Sinai Pharmacy, we secured a generous supply of Meropenem at an affordable price. In just a matter of days, we had the first shipment ready to go. It was delivered to the Hospital del Niño y la Mujer in Cuenca, a facility serving some of the most vulnerable patients in the community.

But we didn't stop there. Social Vision has been working tirelessly for nearly two years to bring our Founders Service Dog, Teddy, into the hospitals as a comfort dog. And finally, after receiving permission from the Mayor's office, Teddy made his official debut.

The reaction was overwhelming. Patients and staff alike welcomed Teddy with open arms, providing a much-needed morale boost in the face of such a challenging time. Teddy's presence brought a sense of calm and joy to the hospital, reminding everyone that even in the darkest of circumstances, there is always hope.

And there's more. Social Vision is also providing essential medical gloves this hospital and hopes to include other hospital as well. In a system desperately in need of funding, these supplies make a world of difference. The hospital staff is incredibly grateful for our support, knowing that it will help them continue providing critical care to those in need.

This is the kind of work that Social Vision is all about. We believe in the power of compassion, the importance of hope, and the potential to make a real difference in people's lives. And with the support of caring individuals like yourself, we can continue to be there for those who need us most.

So, how can you get involved? There are so many ways to support our mission. You can make a donation, and share our story with your friends and family. Every little bit helps, and together we can keep the hope alive for so many struggling patients in Cuenca and beyond.

Let's make a difference, together. Join us at Social Vision today.


Perros de Esperanza